Golf Tournaments and Events

Excellent location, fantastic course design and layout, friendly staff and affordable pricing have made the Copper Mill Golf Course one of the favourite venues for golf tournaments and events in this part of Louisiana. The Course is only 15 to 20 minute drive from Downtown Baton Rouge and has been designed for golfers of all skill levels. This makes it ideal for both professional and amateur golf tournaments as well as corporate events, charity and groups.

The number of golf tournaments and events that are hosted by the Copper Mill Golf Club has been growing each year. The reputation of one of Louisiana’s finest golf courses and highly accessible pricing have made it highly appealing to corporations, organisations and groups not only in the Baton Rouge area but in the entire region.

Benefits of the Copper Mill Golf Course

The main benefits of the Copper Mill Golf Course include:

  • proximity to Baton Rouge and Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport; the city centre is approximately 15 minutes away and the airport only about 10 minutes

  • competitive prices; even though the Course is regarded as one of Louisiana’s Top 10, the rates are very accessible

  • brilliant course design and layout; the Copper Mill Golf Course is designed to provide maximum pleasure to both experienced and a little bit less skilled golfers, making it ideal for pro championships, corporate events and groups

  • professional and friendly staff; everyone at the Copper Mill Golf Club is very friendly and professional, and the staff is always happy to provide help and assistance with organising, awards, catering, etc.

  • on-site Pro Shop that is well stocked with golf equipment, apparel, footwear and all the small things that have a big influence on the game

  • golf carts, practice facilities and more

Golf Tournaments and Events Hosted by the Copper Mill Golf Club

The Copper Mill Golf Club has been host to hundreds of golf tournaments and events, and thousands of golfers from all over the United States. Some golf tournaments and events hosted by the Club include Annual Dream Teachers Golf Tournament, Annual Heritage Ranch Golf Tournament, NextGenGolf NCCGA/Gulf Region teams for Regional Tournament 2, Arrowhead Junior Gulf Tour, Dawson Odums Golf Tournament, and Links for Literacy charity tournament, to mention only a few.