Reviews and Ratings

The Copper Mill Golf Club has consistently been rated as one of Louisiana’s Top 10 Golf Courses ever since its opening in 2004. Golfers who have played golf on this Course largely agree and say that they would recommend it to their friends and other golfers. We have selected a few reviews - both positive and not so positive - to provide an insight into first-hand golfers’ experience with the Copper Mill Golf Course:

  • Alan, Baton Rouge.

Great layout, friendly staff and good value for the money. Will definitely return!

  • Chris, Merrydale.

The best golf course in the Baton Rouge area and one of the best I had the opportunity to play so far in Louisiana. I have been playing golf here for many years and had a great time every time. The course was always in good condition and the pace of play is excellent.

  • Charlie, Baton Rouge.

Great course for the price!

  • Frank, Lafayette.

Drove to the Copper Mill Golf Club all the way from Lafayette and it was worth the trip. The staff is very friendly, the course is in great condition and the rates are very affordable. Fairways, however, are quite unforgiving.

  • Cindy, Prairieville.

Played golf here with my husband for the first time in July 2014 and had a great time. The course is fun yet challenging and the greens are fantastic. It is crucial, however, not to go off fairways. We will be back for sure.

  • Tom, Baker.

Used to play golf here a lot because it’s close and very affordable but it is no longer what it used to be. The course is in overall good condition (although it could be better) but there are signs of neglect and the last time I’ve been here, issues with greens as well.

  • Carlos, Merrydale.

Excellent golf course, professional staff and great pricing! Will be back!

  • Martin, Baton Rouge.

Had a great time at the Copper Mill Golf Club. But I must say that beginners should play their very best on this course. It’s fun and competitive but it’s quite challenging too.