Request Membership - Why and How to Become a Member of the Copper Mill Golf Club

The Copper Mill Golf Club is welcoming both members and non-members alike and both experienced and novice golfers. It is one of those golf clubs where everyone is received with open hands. But it is also true that members enjoy a number of “privileges”. Whether to request membership and join the Copper Mill Golf “family” is up to every golfer to decide for themselves. But those who live in or nearby Baton Rouge and love to play golf on a fine course might be interested in advantages of Copper Mill Golf Club membership.

Pros of Becoming a Member of the Copper Mill Golf Club

As mentioned earlier, members of the Copper Mill Golf Club are entitled to various special deals and discounts. The main advantages of becoming a member of the Golf Club include:

  • infinite golfing on one of Louisiana’s top 10 golf courses
  • premium tee times
  • access to practice facility
  • discount on cart rental
  • discount on green fees for member guests
  • free/discounted entry to various social and golf events

Membership Options

The Copper Mill Golf Club offers several membership options:

  • Individual Member. This is a “classic” membership which includes all the “classic” benefits.
  • Family Member “buys” you a membership benefits for a family member - spouse or a child below the age of 23.
  • Senior Member. Golfers aged 55 or more are eligible for Senior Member Card which includes all the benefits of being a member of the Copper Mill Golf Club at a reduced rate
  • Senior Copper Card and PDP Card. Both are intended for non-members and both offer various special deals and discounts for their holders.
  • Corporate Member. Like its name suggests, this membership package is intended for business owners and corporate executives. Besides the primary holder, corporate membership also offers all the benefits of membership to up to three designated employees.

Women on Course

The Copper Mill Golf Club is also a part the Women on Course, a nationwide programme which encourages women to get more involved in golf and offers its members various benefits including discounts on golf equipment, apparel and training.

How to Become a Member of the Copper Mill Golf Club

To become a member of the Copper Mill Golf Club, please contact the club by phone or in person from Monday to Friday.