Directions - Getting to the Copper Mill Golf Club


The Copper Mill Golf Club is located 4 miles off Highway 964 in the city of Zachary, about a 15 minute drive from Louisiana’s capital Baton Rouge. The address of the Golf Club is:

Copper Mill Golf Club

2100 Copper Mill Boulevard

Zachary, LA 70791

Getting to Zachary from Baton Rouge

To get to Zachary from Baton Rouge, take the Interstate 110 North and continue driving north to join the Highway 61.

Continue driving north on Highway 61 for 3 miles.

Exit at the intersection with Highway 964/Old Scenic Highway.

Getting to the Copper Mill Golf Club

To get to the Copper Mill Golf Club, continue driving on the Old Scenic Highway for 4 miles. On your right you will see the sign for the Copper Mill Golf Club (before the Copper Mill Elementary). Turn right and follow the signs.

Book a Tee Time

To enjoy golfing on the fantastic Copper Mill Golf Course, you are advised to book a tee time. Check the online calendar for available dates and hours or make your reservations over the phone on the number 225-658-0656.

About Zachary, the Home to the Copper Mill Golf Course

Zachary is a small city about 15 minutes north from Downtown Baton Rouge. It was settled in the late 19th century on the land of a local farmer called Zachary after whom it was named. In the early 20th century, the city had fewer than 500 residents. This number continued to grow over the following decades, reaching over 7,500 in 1980 and nearly twice as many in 2014 which is largely a result of the city’s reputation as one of most family-friendly towns in Louisiana.

The main attraction in Zachary is of course the premier Copper Mill Golf Course but the city is also known for being home to the award-winning Lane Regional Medical Center, vibrant arts and culture scene, countless recreational opportunities and facilities that appeal to just about all ages and abilities: tennis, softball, baseball, football, basketball and more.