Golf Course Overview

Brilliant Design

The Copper Mill Golf Course has a brilliant design which is a unique blend of the traditional, Scotland links-style and a contemporary approach to golf course design. The ingenious design which makes the Copper Mill Golf Course one of the most enjoying courses to play in Louisiana is the work of the renowned golf course architects Max Maxwell and Nathan Crace.

And Layout …

In addition to making sure that the Course incorporates the natural beauty of the region and offers breathtaking views at each hole, the designers of the Course also made sure that each hole provides pure pleasure and challenges the golfer at the same time.

Enjoyable for Beginner Golfers

The Copper Mill Golf Course is a tournament course but it has been designed to make golfing as enjoyable as possible for golfers of all skill levels. Unlike most other highest ranking golf courses which tend to be frustrating rather than enjoyable for “unseasoned” golfers, the Copper Mill Golf Course is challenging enough to provide excitement and make the game an absolute delight at the same time.

And Experienced Golfers Too!

It’s an art to design a golf course that is exciting and enjoyable for both novice and experienced golfers. The designers of the Copper Mill Golf Course, however, have succeeded to achieve just that. The unique blend of links-style and contemporary designs, and ingenious layout make the Course challenging for both beginner and experienced golfers without having any impact on the enjoyment level whatsoever.

A Top 10 Golf Course in Louisiana

The Copper Mill Golf Course established itself as one of Louisiana’s premier golf courses almost immediately after its opening in 2004. The Course thrilled both amateur and professional golfers alike with its outstanding design, exciting layout, breathtaking natural beauty and a perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment. As a result, it didn’t take for it long to be recognised as one of top 10 golf courses in Louisiana.